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Stone's Vshop :)

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1 Stone's Vshop :) on Sat 07 Apr 2012, 4:30 am


Village Cricketer
Village Cricketer
Ok, this is my prices:

Sig-40 vcash (I'm better at sigs then anything else)
Avatar- 10 vcash
Wallpaper-35 Vcash
Banner-40 Vcash
an animation sig-60vcash
an animation avatar- 50 vcash
other (such as photos etc) -5 vcash

selling every thing in my gfx thread for now, just pay Very Happy

i'll make some new stuff later. you know when i might get PS legally.

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2 Re: Stone's Vshop :) on Tue 17 Apr 2012, 5:19 am


Village Cricketer
Village Cricketer
Off to a great start!


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