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Interview Example *Good*

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1 Interview Example *Good* on Sat 28 May 2011, 1:46 am


National Player
National Player
News Of The World presenter Paul Rick caught up with Hawks benchwarmer YK to talk about his future.

Paul Rick: Presumably this interview has been called to express your dissapointment at your lack of game time?

YippeKayye: No, not at all, I am perfectly happy at the Hawks and hopefully next season I will be recognized as an active member and will spend more time on the field than off, I realize my bans were not healthy towards my ambition to play and I accept my faults and will move on to (hopefully) become a respected member.

Paul Rick: So there will be no flexibility if say the Renegades make a move?

YippeKayye: Unless my captain views it best to move to another club, I have no wish to. I would rather a challenge of moving up through the ranks than starting off with a promise of a 1st XI position. I do not however have anything against the Renegades, they are a new team with new players, and bound to create a stir with people, however the recent antics in the media thread are not helping their cause.

Paul Rick: Why do you feel so commited to a team which has, this season neglected you?

YippeKayye: As I previously said, I like a challenge, I also think of Rizzy as someone to look up to, he has certainly taught me my lesson, twice banning me, completely justly of course, and giving me a chance in the SSFMC, as well just generally being a great guy, I also have just taken a shine to the Hawks from when I was first drafted to them.

Paul Rick: What contract are you looking for next season?

YippeKayye: Well a A may be a tad ambitious but I am certainly hoping for it, however a B would still satisfy me, as I am working my way up the ranks.

Paul Rick: Finally, what do you think of Choob's '4 team heaven'?

YippeKayye: I think there should be a merging rather than a scrapping, but there certainly needs to be a boost in activity levels in the FCL, half the Hawks certainly need to come back to SS, and I am sure it is the same for some other teams to.

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