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What is VCash?

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1 What is VCash? on Mon 02 Apr 2012, 6:02 am


What is VCash?

VCash is the official betting currency for the forum. Using it you can set bets on various events. Simply head down to the betting forum, select the event you wish to bet on and post how much you stake, and the even you are betting on in the thread. At the top you'll find what it is your going to be betting on. Underneath you'll see a couple of option stating what you want to bet on(e.g United to win) and beside that the betting odds(2.00 means that you'll get back $200 for every $100 staked, and you get your stake back too). Should have have picked correctly you shall receive your money once the event has completed.

Vcash is erned through posting and being active as each post is worth some cash, but still be wise wise your cash as once you get to zero you can not bet anything . Any problems or troubles, PM Admin.


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