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SRU - VCC - World Cup Sign Up - Please Read

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1 SRU - VCC - World Cup Sign Up - Please Read on Wed 25 Apr 2012, 9:15 am


Your clubs have been selected as the best clubs in the World and have the chance to go forward and win the greatest VVC sporting contest. The Rules are as follows.


A month and half is a long time and you may players have to give some of you players a “haddinest” rests, so point one, you are allow to take increase your squad from 15 to 18 for the World Cup, this meaning new contracts, during the World Cup you will be an allow another Rookie (R) contract, also at this time you may choose to change your contracts as long as the stay within the current rules. But please note, contracts will be fixed after the first official game has been played. As per usual all other team related rules will stand.


It is your job to makes sure that teams stay in order and your team arrives on time at the venue, so please make sure that the team is named before the match. Also in this I would like the mangers to name there teams of 18 men with contracts next to them in this thread. Each team will have a WC thread with their draw and other information such as their team strip and logo posted. Here they can write club newsletters, World Cup news and injuries as well Club information. Therefore an element of role play is created.


A quick brief overview of the sort of conditions in witch your team will face.


The Home of Pool B, the grounds are kwon to be wet and cold, overcast conditions are expected and pitches will be poor, meaning bowler friendly wickets. Scotland will hold 2 Semi Finals and is expected to get strong crowds.


The Home of Pool A, the grounds are known for being quick drying and fine, conditions may vary most days, the pitches will be fast and normal and are considered to be good value for both Batsmen and Bowlers. Ireland will hold the Grand Final and huge crowds are expected.

More to Come & Sign Ups will CLOSE on the 10th of May

To sign up, please give your team name, your WC Squad (18 players) with contract letters and finally your logo and or team kit design.

Spinner & Thrusty

The VCC Blokes

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County Cricketer
County Cricketer
Wenty SkyBlues CC

Chris Pande (Right hand Bat) B
Matt Azzano (Right hand Bat) B
Gregory Williams (Left hand Bat, Keeper) (C) A
Laken Tomano (Left hand bat, Keeper) B
Tristan Lomandi (Right hand Bat, Left arm off spin (AR)) A
Lachlan Bennenet (Left Hand Bat, Left Arm Fast (AR))
Makuro Hopeman (Right Hand Bat) A
Veerindo Kumar (Right Hand Bat, Right arm Leg Break) R
Yash Gutaro (Right Hand Bat, Right hand Fast Medium) A
Oscar Landscore (Left Hand Bat, Left Arm Medium) R
Yuvis Partycrash (Left Hand Bat, Left Arm Fast) B
Teklin Awesomeo (Right Hand Bat) C
Carragher Jamiso (Right Hand Bat) C
Sydnamo Macland (Left Hand Bat, Right Arm Off Spin (Batsmen)) R
Jay Copper (Right Hand Bat, Left Arm Fast (AR)) C
Totalidi Epicnusso (Left Arm Bat, Left Arm Fast) R
Largeo Snasher (Right Arm Bat) C

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County Cricketer
County Cricketer
I'll have my squad for you tomorrow or Friday.

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Most likely, you'll have it either tonight or tomorrow.

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Come on lads, more sign ups required, I need at least 12 to have a decent champiosnship.


Southern Wolves

1. Tyler Smith (Bat) A
2. Will Smith (Bat) (vc) B
3. Paul Adams (Bat) B
4. Ricky Clarke(Bat)(c) B
5. Michael Ponting (AR) B
6. Boucher Mark (+)B
7. Adam Symonds (+) B
8. Brett McKay (Bowl) (LF) C
9. Mitchell Siddle (Bowl) (LF) A
10. Nathan Warner (Bowl) (OffSpin) A
11. Clint Taylor (Bowl) (RF) A
12. Peter Johnston (Bowl) (RF)R
13. Flynn Daniel (Bat) C
14. Guptill Martin (Bat)C
15. Corka Bank (AR) (RF) R
16. Pat Kirt (Bat) B
17. Kirt Steven (Bowl) R
18. Steven Taylor (AR) C

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County Cricketer
County Cricketer
Two things:

a.) Spins, you know I'm in, I just need to have time to sort out the contracts
b.) Yo forget Holland in the host countries. Why yo fuckin' wid a bruda like that man?

[18:35:36] * speedeh is away: Posting.
[18:36:12] @ mgt98 : Oh no.

CJCorka wrote:My grammar is better then it had ever been.
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

Sudanese Bazingers CC


1. Rick Ellisor (Bat) RHB B
2. Hector Brinker (Bat) LHB B
3. Corey Dodds (Bat) RHB R
4. Rick Hier (Bat) RHB (c) A
5. Greg Brignac (Bat) LHB C
6. Jorge Vanvliet (AR) RLS R
7. Clyde Meachum (AR) LFM (vc) A
8. Herman Leverett (AR) RFM C
9. Pedro Carrow (+) RHB A
10. Zachary Viruet (Bowl) ROS B
11. Christopher Wolford (Bowl) RF A
12. Keith Roach (Bowl) LFM B
13. Juan Conover (Bowl) RLS C
14. Robert Mcclary (Bowl) RFM R
15. Allen Frost (Bowl) LF C
16. Cody Lockley + LHB R
17. Christian Jamal (Bat) RHB C
18. Clinton Mccallie (Bowl) LOS C

[quote="CJCorka"]Hen you are my hero Smile[/quote]

I am starting out doing graphics so if you want a new avatar or a cool sig, toss me a pm and I'll make one for you.

[23:26:39 19/06/11] SD99 : i dont sweat either
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Spinner wrote:

More to Come & Sign Ups will CLOSE on the 10th of May

Have Not Very Happy


County Cricketer
County Cricketer
Dubbo Bandits

Victoria Park, No.1 Oval


LT Harper (c) A

EF Hogan B

TL Smith C

RP Medley A

JT Moran A

IL Pod R

DH Horrocks B

LD Price R

AG Stone B

DS Mace R

MS Turner C

BN Tate A

HT Florey C

MK Marple B

DM Pearl C

BT Watmore R

NL Hawkes C

CR Willis C

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I will be doing a massive VCC update soon, but have very busy, wil most likely include the new rules and stuff.


National Player
National Player
I'm getting mine in eventually.

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13 Re: SRU - VCC - World Cup Sign Up - Please Read on Fri 04 May 2012, 10:54 am


Village Cricketer
Village Cricketer
I'll post my team tommorow

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