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Betting Set Up & Rules Guidebook (PLEASE READ)

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Betting Set Up & Rules Guidebook

With betting coming back into existence it is time look at how we are going to do this. To begin with there are two different types of sporting events those who are real and those who fantasy, you must be able to make a clear distinction between these two events, so the first step is in the title of the thread, either put...

Betting (Fantasy) Southern Wolves vs The Doggies VCC T25 World Cup 13th April or

Betting (Real) Australia vs West Indies (Cricket or Event) 1st Test 13th April to 18th April

The next step is to set up the event with the odds and any information which may be useful to the betters. Such as is the game final, previous results from both teams and if the game is for a win or takes a place. Let me explain.

A Win: The team or person must win the match or encounter for you to win money.

A Place: Finishes in the top three people in that event, this is used mostly in horse racing or competition betting (Who will win the Soccer World Cup)

After doing this it is time for the odds, see this website to find out how to set up odds: or this calculator: (just use single each time).

Now you have the odds and the information, time to set up the poll, now each time you start an event, you need to set up a poll, with the options of the event. So for example:

Who Will Win

Australia (odds)

West Indies (odds)

Draw (odds)

At the end of event the person who set the bet up has the reasonability to inform admin in the change of Vcash of each person who bet. Anyone can set up a bet as long as you follow these rules. If the person who set up the bet is banned or become inactive why the bet is still on, Admin will take control and cancel and return any Vcash bet.

Also if a bet is cancelled by the organiser or no result occurs the organiser will return all Vcash. Betting is good fun so make sure you play by the rules and if you have any problems or disputes please contact Admin.


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