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New Official Forum Rules

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1 New Official Forum Rules on Wed 28 Mar 2012, 1:12 pm



These rules may sound strict, but help us to keep and welcoming and friendly forum that accepts everyone no matter their personality, race or sex. So please help us to help you to have a great experience of Sports R Us.

Forum Rules

NO Swearing: swearing makes the forum look unwelcoming and most users find it rude or offensive, also anyone using symbols that resemble swear words or trying to avoid the filter will be banned.

NO Phonography or Unsuitable Pictures: Pretty basic this one, no pictures that are unsuitable for children should be posted. This applies to avatars as well.

NO Racism: Simple, this is a worldwide forum and therefore racism will not be tolerated on any level either through posts or PM’s.

NO TXT SPK: In English please, again these sort of posts make the forum look like a 3 - year has been released on a computer with no parental guidance.

NO Giving Out Personal Information: this information is regarded as personal for a reason, giving our thing such as surname or private contacts is no allowed and this counts for giving out other member’s information as well.

NO Bulling: Play nice children or the Mods will have to give someone a time out in the naughty corner, but seriously, no bulling or face a ban.

NO Spam or Video Signatures: The fill the forum up with rubbish and fill the space we have on the sever.

You are ONLY permitted ONE (1) account. If you create another account (without explicit permission from an admin) and break any rules from that account we will punish both accounts.

Chatbox Rules

All rules that apply in the Forum apply in the Chatbox so keep that in mind, but there are some special Chatbox rules that must be applied to the “box”.

NO Live Updates: There are websites for that, if people want to know the score then they can find it themselves. All this does is interrupt conversations.

NO Images in The Chatbox: The link will do.

Forum Norms

Stuff that makes you get on better with other members, from personal experience people who follow these rules have the best possible experiences.

Please do not use "@" or "^", we have a quote system for a reason. The admins can remove it if you want.

Making a post entirely in CAPITALS is seen as shouting so please try to only type in lower case and use the bold and italic tags to emphasise something.

Necroposting; the act of resurfacing a topic which has not been posted in for a very long time. It is only frowned upon if the post you make does not add anything new to the topic, in which case it is classed as spam.

Do NOT add an image to your signature. Image signatures take up too much space; and are generally disliked. [seasonal permission for image signatures is sometimes granted, you should check stickied threads, or contact a moderator for information].

We strongly recommend that you don't arrange to meet up with other forum members which you don't know, and don't allow discussions about this topic on the forum.

These rules are subject to change so please read then regularly and also this forum is not run by dictators so takes the Mods and Admins decisions, they make mistakes, but please consider if you are banned or kicked then you must have not complied with these rules, so before posting also think about what you are going to say and how it will affect people.

Forum Rules done by Spinner. Please thank him!

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