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The Official SRUFCL Rules

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1 The Official SRUFCL Rules on Tue 06 Dec 2011, 11:38 am


National Player
National Player
Any user, either participating in the league, or viewing the league, should and must read and accept these rules before making any comments.

1 - Conduct of the SRUFCL

1.1: Captain's conduct
Whilst captains are the head of the team, they are not immune from any punishment regarding conduct and behaviour. Even part way through seasons can captains be stripped of captaincy.

1.2: General banter
Although banter is very much encouraged between teams, there are lines that do not need crossing. Any racial, sexual, religious or derogatory remarks are not accepted. Any user that crosses said line, as judged by moderators of Sports R Us, shall be punished accordingly.

2 - Captains: role and expectations

2.1: Selection of teams
One of the main roles of a captain's duty is to name their team in the correct match thread for that game. Only players from their own clubs are eligible. The team must by posted using a vertical list that spans across many columns, not in any other form.

The wicketkeeper must be marked clearly, either using the letters 'wk' or the character '†'.

The captain, even when wanting an unchanged tea, must not post 'unchanged'. It makes it difficult for simmers, opponents and team mates.

Failure to post a satisfactory team for any competition will result in the deduction of one premiership point from that team, in the corresponding. competition.

2.1: i) Failure to post satisfactory team in finals series
If there is a failure to post a satisfactory team sheet before the deadline in a finals competition, there will be a punishment of fourty runs to that team's first innings, and the team shall remain unchanged from their last match, of that competition.

2.1: ii) Pitches
It is also the captain's responsibility to post their desired pitch for each home game. Three pitches are available, being poor (ie better for bowlers), normal and excellent (ie better for batsmen). If a pitch is not posted before the deadline, one premiership point shall be deducted from that team, in the corresponding competition.

3 - Trades, contracts and player changes

3.1: Auto-drafting system
Any players that sign up in the period between the pre-season draft and the conclusion of OD round four will enter the free agency system. The players will be auto-drafted into teams.

3.2: End of season trade period
At the end of the season, there is a short trade period, where existing players can be traded between clubs. No player can be traded against their consent, and both teams need to agree on the trade. All possible trades need to be proposed either through private message or posted in the relevant thread.

4 - Simmers' roles and expectations

4.1: Fixing
If there are any accusations of fixing matches in any form of the game with 100% conclusive evidence, the simmer will be stripped of all responsibility in the competition, including simulating rights and any captain roles. They may still participate in the competition.

If any users of the forum, or league participant believes they can successfully prove that a simmer has fixed a match, they must open a new thread in the correct sub-forum. If proved wrong, the questioning user will not be punished in any form.

If the the wrong team is put in by the simmer and the captains pick up on it, or any other player, the game will be re-simmed a posted over the other one.

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