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Soccer Tipping thread

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1 Soccer Tipping thread on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 10:02 am


Village Cricketer
Village Cricketer
Weclome to the soccer tipping thread where you can try and predict results from club and country matches. If you want to sign up then this is how you do it

Username: Matt121
Country: Estonia
Club: Flora

Match 1: ??? (Will be Match 1 game)
Match 2: ??? (Will be Match 2 game)
Match 3: ??? (Will be Match 3 game)

This will be a europe tipping comp with europe clubs and countrys to name for each Sport R us member. When you tipped the one before you will be your friendly oppent and when it comes to UEFA comp or UEFA Champions League. The sign up thread will be open all of the time. Now the matches for tipping are..

Bangladesh vs. Pakistan (Fifa World Cup Qualifer)
Malaysia vs. Chinese Taipei (Fifa World Cup Qualifer)
Sri Lanka vs. Philippnes (Fifa World Cup Qualifer)

So if you want to sign up then you can

Sign ups
Matt121 (Estonia) Flora

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